Let’s talk about the most important point here, namely English. Language is a means of communication that makes it easier for humans to interact with one another. Currently, there are 6,912 languages ​​spoken by people around the world, according to the Ethnologies website. This number is of course questionable, because every day new languages ​​may emerge and become extinct.

English is an international language (universal), here all countries in the world support and implement it. English can be a first language over second. Even in countries such as America, Australia, England, and Singapore English, English is used as the first language. Many countries that have their own language as their mother tongue still use English in their daily communication.

One of the benefits that will be felt when you are proficient in international language is the ease of communication, Increase Your Potential, Quickly Understand Writing in Many Places, for those of you who are proficient in English; you will have no trouble finding a side job. The reason is that currently there are many side jobs that require good language skills.

Do you know and have taken the TOEIC test?TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is an English proficiency test. TOEIC is specifically designed to measure an individual’s ability to communicate using English in everyday life. The TOEIC test measures a person’s ability in four language areas, namely listening, reading, speaking and. The TOEIC test has many uses other than CV, namely:

 1. A Bridge for Studying in the Land of People.

2. Touching a Global Perspective

3. Fast Feedback Accepted

4. Accurate Evaluation

5. Career Path

6. Worldwide Opportunities

7. Capability Guarantee

Taking this Toeic test is very important. Most of Vocational High School students after graduating plan tofind job or try to get scholarships for college. By taking the TOEIC test, the students have a greater chance.  They will get the TOEIC certificate which will provide an opportunity to compete in the world of work and education. By getting TOEIC test certificate means Their English has been certified.So, let’s keep on improving and developing yourself for a quality future with your best English skills.#SMKEnglishChallenge2020 #IAMCONFIDENTwithTOEIC  #SMKBISAHEBAT #TOEICIndonesia #TOEICOfficial.

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